Town Hall    // THREADS : 24    // POSTS: 28
Trouble with Treeckos by richard ON Sept 1, 2017 23:47:53 GMT
Multi-National Security Panel's headquarters. This building is vastly different from the rest of Invictus's capital as it shows off grand statues and buildings dedicated to previous leaders of the past. There is a particularly big statue dedicated to Silvally along with the delcatty that fought alongside it here. Many beautiful gardens surround this area that is decored with topiary and beautiful flowers. All are allowed to walk along the paths of these beautiful walkways, but none are allowed beyond the guarded iron fence but those with authority. This is where the bulletin boards for Military, Political Figures, Outlaws and White Dawn are located.
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Central Park    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 1
what you see [social/open] by puck ON Aug 24, 2017 21:53:50 GMT
A beautiful park towards the north of the capital that is the home to a grand monument that serves as a reminder of the great war. Many often come here to pay respects or allow their children to enjoy some sunshine among the beautiful grass and trees.
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The poor part of town where people that just entered the region usually start out in. The houses here are usually shared as pokemon struggle just to pay rent. It's quite a sad part of town, but it seems as if the higher ups have either forgotten about it or abandoned it altogether. Many try to bring up the issue of the state of the slums in gatherings, but nobody actually does anything about it.
The Abodes    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 20
"New home?" (CLOSED w/ Kala Korzina) by KALA KORZINA ON Dec 4, 2017 0:09:10 GMT
A rather beautiful residential sector dedicated to homes for pokemon to live in. Many houses are different though all pokemon are expected to keep their property nice and neat in order to keep the capital looking good. Nice walkways extend from house to house although some "Houses" are built into hills as small dens for the smaller pokemon to reside in. There don't really seem to be any houses that support particularly large pokemon such as Gyarados and Steelix...
The Marketplace    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 24
Bold Stand {Social/Closed w/ Meadow} by Meadow ON Feb 16, 2020 23:56:49 GMT
A part of the capital dedicated to the market. Many shops are jam packed here with merchants that desire to sell their wares. It's not uncommon for a merchant to stand outside of their shop rather than in it so they can lure you into their shop with promises of great deals. It's busy and full of all kinds of pokemon, which makes it a great target for pickpocketers. Keep your wits about you and stay sharp!
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Invictus Capital

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